International Association for Philosophical Practice

The International Association for Philosophical Practice (IGPP) unites people who support the cause of the philosophical practice partly actively practicing, partly accompanying in a reflective way.


Activity, practice, Reflection...

The focus is on working on the basics of philosophical practice. The IGPP wants to take this into account in particular through publicly accessible seminars, colloquia and conferences. The IGPP is not a professional association for practicing philosophers and philosophers.

Cooperation and Communication...

The IGPP provides a platform and a broad network. It is a place for collegial exchange of experiences with the philosophical practice. At the same time, the IGPP sees itself as an organ for the coordination and cooperation of work in national societies for philosophical practice. Communication at all levels and between partner companies takes place in the spirit of appreciative collegiality.


We promote the further development of the theory of philosophical practice and practical philosophy. Philosophical practice, as we understand it, is committed to the public use of reason in the Socratic tradition of philosophy. It is under the commandment of reasonableness in the responsibility to the public and society. The IGPP intends to do this primarily through publicly accessible seminars, lectures, discussions, colloquia and conferences.


Counseling (of individuals and institutions) and education (of the general public) are the two priority areas for practitioners in the understanding of philosophical practice in the IGPP. In particular, the IGPP supports counseling practice and educational activity that lives up to the political responsibility entailed in opportunities of freedom in philosophy.


The International Association for Philosophical Practice was founded in 1982 under the name "Association for Philosophical Practice" and renamed "IGPP" in 1998. The IGPP is a registered association that exclusively pursues charitable goals. Any person or institution may apply for membership of the IGPP, provided the objectives of the IGPP are affirmed.

In the spring of 2005, a regional Society for Philosophical Practice (chaired by Gerd B. Achenbach) was founded in Bergisch-Gladbach, abbreviated to GPP. This company is a member of the IGPP and not to be confused with the former foundation of 1982.